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Make a personal stamp on your home with every decor choice you make!

With the help of laser engraving we are able to turn commonplace items into something truly special and one of a kind. From simple items like coasters, to a custom bar top we can do it all!

Here are a few ways we make home a haven:

Take a little of the materialism out of gift giving and add a little love.

When looking for personalized gifts you buy when the need arises like birthdays or holidays, but just about any occasion can turn into a gift giving event!

Laser engraving allows you to create a gift that will not fade with time. It’s a way to remember special days in people’s life, like the birth of a child, wedding, anniversary, or numerous other occasions.

The options for gifts are seemingly endless. Choose a cherished photo and engrave it on wood or glass. Engrave glassware with an inside joke or image for family and friends to use. Have a sign engraved with names and dates on acrylic for a personalized touch to gift giving.  Regardless of what you choose, the recipient will love your thoughtful personalization.

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