Custom Engraved Hunting Equipment

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Hunters, professional or casual shooters will love the fact that they can individualize a weapon and make it a really special piece.

Laser engraving for your stock, scope, or knife is a unique way to create something truly special for yourself or someone else.

When engraving a hunting knife, we can mark the wooden handle, the blade, and even a leather carrying case.

Ways we can customize weapons:

Please Note:

We do not currently stock any weapons (stocks, scopes, knifes). These must be sent to us. When sending us your item for engraving, we can only accept the scope or stock. We cannot accept the receiver or registered portions of a gun.

Click the button below to get started on a custom project for your stock, scope, or knife. We currently only work on gun stocks, scopes, and knifes, but if you have questions about what we can or can’t do, please send us an email below or give us a call (715) 545-1025.

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Please upload an image of the design you'd like to have engraved. If you're not sure and are just looking for information, you don't need to upload anything. (acceptable formats: gif/png/jpg/jpeg under 1MB)

Got a question or idea you'd like feedback on right away? Contact us at 715-545-1025.


When sending a stock or scope, please ensure the gun is fully disassembled and that we are only receiving the stock or scope.